Mission & Vision

Raven Energy


Our Company;

At the all stages of energy transmission and distribution facilities project, we have several principles to keep the customers’ requests and delight above all else by following the TEİAŞ and Distribution Companies quality standards. These principles are

  • Honesty and transparency.
  • Accountable administration
  • Focus on the employer needs
  • Open to collaboration.
  • Non-stop learning and development
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Efficient, effective, dynamic, and systematic working.
  • High quality
  • Sustainability in all areas
  • Employee awareness, work safety, and environmentally friendly
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According to these principles, as Raven Energy our aim is to become a WORLDCLASS energy brand in all around the world.


Our mission is to work with power, competitiveness, transparency, and the most important, knowing that the biggest profit is the customer and employee gladness to increase the worth of the company in energy transmission and distribution sector